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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by N8te, Jul 1, 2017.

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    What's up!

    My name is Nate and I like grapes. Green grapes. Purple grapes are ehhh. Green Apples are good too :thumbsup:

    I've been around on the internet for a long time. Nearly 20 years actually. Been involved with dozens of communities, forums, networks, clans, guilds, etc. I enjoy gaming at it's core. Meaning I'm not a competitive gamer, I just enjoy playing games with a good story, or games where you can kind of...make your own story.

    I am also really passionate about music. All of my life I've surrounded myself in music. All throughout high school I had headphones on during classes and still managed to get straight As. My music taste have evolved a lot over the years. Early on I was pretty much just into Rap. I got into some alternative rock/punk rock when I was in college, and shortly after was introduced to EDM. Now I listen to pretty much anything, except country. :p

    Might as well provide a sort of...origin story for Diamond Life while I'm here. Myself and a friend started this community inside of an Arma 3 server. It was a "Life" server where our main line of work was diamond mining for cash. We were the richest folks on the server, and no one was allowed to mine without going through us. We had the most guns, fastest cars, and best houses. We were living the 'Diamond Life'. When we started the group, we'd bring in cool people to help maintain our riches. It was a really cool operation we had going. But as all games/servers do, it eventually died out and we all parted ways. I really liked the chill environment we setup under this name, and decided to brand it as a gaming community.

    Anywho, that's enough blabbering on, if you see me around, holla. I'm a chill dude who gets along with everyone!